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Apple Announces OS X 'Mavericks' with Tabbed Finder, Safari Redesign, Maps and iBooks

At today's WWDC keynote event, Apple announced the next version of its Mac operating system, dubbed "Mavericks" after a surfing area north of Half Moon Bay in California. Mavericks will feature many new Finder features including tabs, full-screen capability, tagging, and independent handling of multiple displays.

Tagging items allows users to categorize and search for files more easily. With multiple displays, Finder will display a menu bar in each to allow easier control of all apps. Mission Control has also been modified to allow easy transfer of apps between displays, and Mavericks can display apps through a connected Apple TV.

A new feature called Timer Coalescing will reduce CPU activity by smoothing out active processes and idle time while another new feature, Compressed Memory, will compress inactive memory to make free space available to running apps.

Safari gets a revised Top Sites page and a sidebar with direct bookmark and Reading List access. Also visible in the sidebar are links shared by friends through social networks. The browser's memory and energy usage has also been improved in Mavericks.

Keychain moves to iCloud in Mavericks to enable cross-device synchronization of passwords for use within Safari and other apps. Keychain will be able to suggest strong passwords and will remember credit card information to make online shopping easier.

Notifications also get an overhaul with the ability to respond to iMessages or even decline Facetime calls right from the notification banner. After waking from sleep, notification banners for alerts received during sleep will appear on the lock screen.

A Maps app will come to the Mac in Mavericks, offering search capabilities, Flyover views, turn-by-turn directions and the ability to send directions directly to an iOS device.

iBooks is coming to the Mac as well, with direct access to content available in the iTunes Store. Reading features include bookmarks, a night mode, and access to embedded multimedia elements.

Registered developers can preview Mavericks starting today and the final public release of the OS is planned for the fall.

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78 months ago
Forstall must be punching his screen right about now at all the skeumorphism/stitching jokes Federighi is cracking.
Rating: 70 Votes
78 months ago
Craig is a really great presenter. Definitely the best that Apple has now. He's actually getting me excited for the new Mac OS X, even if I hate the name.
Rating: 46 Votes
78 months ago
Sea Lion would have been awesome, whoever came up with Mavericks should be terminated.
Rating: 33 Votes
78 months ago
Rating: 27 Votes
78 months ago
Please don't drop Core2Duo support!

*hugs 2011 MacBook Air*
Rating: 21 Votes
78 months ago
I was momentarily pumped for Sea Lion, and I agree. He is doing a superb job with the OSX presentation.
Rating: 20 Votes
78 months ago

Dear Apple, I see you still have that Launchpad icon sitting in the Dock, this wonky Mission Control and all-grey sidebar icons which seem to still be unorderable.
Consider me skipping Maverick and sticking with Snow Leopard, because you have learned absolutely nothing. Third dumbed-down OS release in a row, thank you.

Here come the trolls.
Rating: 19 Votes
78 months ago
'Mavericks' sounds like some sort of disease.

"I'm sorry sir, but you have mavericks."
Rating: 17 Votes
78 months ago
Better battery life on existing computers. Yay. No need for a lower power CPU.
Rating: 15 Votes
78 months ago
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Rating: 15 Votes

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