kindle_app_iconAmazon has updated its Kindle iOS app to version 3.8, adding the ability to adjust line spacing in the app along with multipage highlights that can be used to highlight book passages that span more than a single page.

The update also includes accessibility improvements that allow users to increase maximum font size and it also comes with a number of bug fixes and stability enhancements. Textbooks have been improved as well, with a new filter-by-type feature that allows sorting of notes, bookmarks, and highlights by color.

- Line Spacing - loose, normal, and tight line spacing options change the page layout to suit your reading preference
- Multipage Highlights – highlight long passages that span multiple pages for added convenience
- Print Replica Textbooks notebook improvements – filter by type: notes, bookmarks, and highlights by color; Sync starred notes between devices
- Accessibility Improvements – select a higher maximum font size, bug fixes
- Bug Fixes/Stability Improvements

Kindle for iOS is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]