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Apple Cutting iPad Mini Shipments in Q2 2013 to Prepare for Next Generation?

ipadmini.jpgDigitimes is reporting that Apple is set to cut shipments of iPad mini in the second quarter of 2013, according to its industry sources.

The cut is said to be a 20% reduction for the month of April, with steeper cuts potentially following in the remainder of the quarter, although the report does not specify whether the cuts are relative to previous production plans or to current-quarter output.
Apple has reportedly cut its shipments of the iPad mini to between 10-12 million units for the second quarter of 2013, according to industry sources. The figure is based on shipment information given from multiple sources who provide various components for Apple's iPad mini.

The decrease may be as high as 20% on month during April, the sources noted, and may continue to slightly decrease throughout the quarter to bring total shipments of the iPad mini to as low as 10 million units during the quarter.
The move comes two weeks after Apple started offering refurbished iPad minis on sale for the first time and may be tied to Apple devoting resources to the production of the next-generation iPad mini. The report claims, however, that competition from 7-inch tablets may also be playing a role.

Rumors of production cuts for Apple products are always difficult to put much stock into, as Apple's internal build plans are fluid as the company manages its nimble supply chain to adjust for demand and product transitions.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also cautioned against reading too much into supply chain reports, noting that the company has multiple sources for many components and that yield rates may vary over time, meaning that supply chain reports typically offer incomplete pictures of Apple's production situation.

DisplaySearch analyst Paul Semenza speculated that, based on supply chain data, the next-generation iPad mini would be released in the third or fourth quarter of 2013. Reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also predicted a third-quarter release for the next iPad mini.

The next iPad mini has been rumored to include a Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, which would give it the same number of pixels as the full-sized iPad but with a higher-density 324 pixels per inch. However, iMore's Rene Ritchie, who has also been relatively accurate, has predicted earlier this month that an interim spec-bumped iPad mini could launch in April and claimed that a Retina display iPad mini doesn't "sound imminent."

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81 months ago
Credit card is waiting for that retina version

Por Favor...
Rating: 7 Votes
81 months ago
Cook is bluffing.

Clearly, this is because nobody wants the iPad mini over those hot 7" tablets with superior specs. /s
No really, the next generation iPad mini is obvious. Hopefully with a retina display?
Rating: 4 Votes
81 months ago

Can we stop regurgitating DigiTimes' "news" please? How many times do they have to be wrong before sites smarten up and start ignoring them??

I think their 'news' will reduce about 50k ipad mini sales... Look I'm an analyst :p
Rating: 4 Votes
81 months ago

Mac Pro.

Just...Mac Pro. K?

Do you actually use or plan on using one? Just asking since I also feel the urge to complain about the Mac Pro not coming out even though I'm set on keeping my 2008 one for a long time ;)
Rating: 4 Votes
81 months ago
Man Apple needs to come out with more than 1 new iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone a year. Does anyone remember when they were a computer company?
Rating: 4 Votes
81 months ago

For me, yes. I read e-books and surf the net on a tablet. High-rez displays are far more important for those two tasks than the OS or ecosystem.

Exactly. If a tablet is used to READ, as in, READ BOOKS, then a very small fraction of time is spent interacting with the OS.

Another point is that with Android it is much easier to manually transfer large numbers of eBooks and PDFs. Just drag and drop a whole directory of thousands of files organized in a deep hierarchy. With Apple, you have flat organization in iTunes or iCloud. That's a huge compromise required to use Apple's "ecosystem".
Rating: 4 Votes
81 months ago
We all know what coming. Retina iPad mini.

Basically, the device the should have come out the first time around.
Rating: 3 Votes
81 months ago

I bought and subsequently returned an iPad Mini because of two factors:

1. It was obvious that the screen was not as good as the retina iPad.

2. AT&T won't allow the Mini to be a Hotspot unless you get the highest data plan or a shared data plan.

Why did you buy the mini in the first place? The things you mention can both be found out by just strolling into a shop and testing the thing and asking some questions to the staff..
Rating: 3 Votes
81 months ago

If Rene Ritchie is correct with his prediction of no Retna Display in the next iPad Mini, I'll defiantly pass! What compelling upgrade can they make to the Mini? Maybe a speed bump in the processor, or maybe some added ram? Thanks but no thanks, to me that is not compelling at all!!

He's not making a prediction though. He's just relaying what his reliable and proven source at Apple has indicated to him. I'm not going to dig it up but several times in the last few years he's been spot on down to the event announcement dates and release dates before anyone else.

Even before this, it was mentioned several times by many that a retina Mini isn't happening anytime soon for obvious reasons. I know people don't want to hear this but you need to adjust your expectations.

Apple is all about profit margin. The ipad Mini was reaching down to grab more sales. It's differentiated by being thin and light. Low cost is a priority on this for Apple. Bottom line, you are NOT going to get a Mini ipad with that kind of screen.
Rating: 3 Votes
81 months ago

dou you think is stupid to get a mini now?
Better to wait instead?

If the current mini suits your needs, get it now. If not, wait.

That screen quality does not serve my needs, so I'm waiting until the new mini is released. If it does not have a retina display, I'm getting the full-HD Nexus 7.7.
Rating: 3 Votes

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