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Zynga Buys 'Draw Something' Maker OMGPOP for $200 Million

Social game-maker Zynga has agreed to acquire OMGPOP, the development house behind the incredibly popular Draw Something. The acquisition price is reported to be $180 million plus $30 million in employee retention payments, according to Peter Kafka at All Things D, though Zynga isn't confirming that number.
OMGPOP brings to Zynga an incredible team of industry veterans and a community of highly engaged players. It’s a great industry example of creating games around the ethos of giving people a place to play, meet and make friends. OMGPOP’s existing mobile and platform games will not change. We fully support what they’ve built to date, and we’re going to work hard to give Draw Something and all of their games the resources and tools they need to grow and flourish.

Dan Porter has built an amazing team and culture at OMGPop, and I can’t wait to see what that team builds next. We think we can amplify their efforts, and we’re going to work together to make sure that more players love more of their games, both in the current stable of titles, and new IP we’ll see in the future.
Draw Something has shot to the top of the App Store charts since it was released six weeks ago, logging 35 million downloads. Last week alone, Draw Something recorded more than 1 billion drawings.

Draw Something is available as a universal app, in a free ad-supported edition and a $0.99 ad-free version. [Direct Links: $0.99/Free]

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87 months ago
Time to delete Draw Something then.
Rating: 50 Votes
87 months ago

Time to delete Draw Something then.


Also expect it to have no new features but become bloated and buggy for no apparent reason.
Rating: 35 Votes
87 months ago

Heard this a little bit ago. Holy crap. Zynga is to iOS development companies as Apple is to tech companies right now.
Also, way to make it big almost overnight. Kudos.

Slightly on-topic, I draw a much better stick figure now than I did two weeks ago.
Thanks, OMGPOP.

More like they are the EA of iOS development.
Rating: 27 Votes
87 months ago
Great.. now its all gonna go to ****.... ZYNGA, keep you filthy paws off my clean apes(apps)

the rest of civilization.
Rating: 25 Votes
87 months ago
Rating: 21 Votes
87 months ago
Rating: 14 Votes
87 months ago
Wait a minute, Zynga actually bought the company instead of making deliberate and blatant ripoffs of their products and then shoving them out of business? Did the universe just turn inside-out?
Rating: 12 Votes
87 months ago
It is a pity that they are not staying independent, but it is better than them being cloned.
Rating: 9 Votes
87 months ago

Why all the Zynga hate? Perhaps Zynga will improve it so it takes <1 hour to load, doesn't repeat words, and actually has an objective?

The only problem with Zynga is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste. And I don't mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way, in the sense that they don't think of original ideas, and they don't bring much culture into their products.
Rating: 9 Votes
87 months ago
Draw something is such a ******, badly developed really blows my mind how its gotten so popular.
Rating: 7 Votes

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