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WDC My Book Thunderbolt Duo Drive Pricing and Shipping Announced

At Macworld 2012, we highlighted the newly announced My Book Thunderbolt Duo drive from WDC. Each drive enclosure held two hard drives in a RAID configuration and offered two Thunderbolt ports. The units could then be daisy chained together over Thunderbolt to create a single high performance logical drive.

WDC has since announced shipping and availability of the new drive systems.
The new My Book Thunderbolt Duo provides professionals and Mac® enthusiasts with five primary areas of performance, double-safe data protection and flexibility; ultra-fast data transfer rates for greater work efficiency; a 4 TB/6 TB large-capacity; customized dual-drive storage system with RAID 0, 1 and JBOD options; customer serviceable drives; and dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining multiple My Book Thunderbolt Duo devices or other peripherals.
Pricing for the new enclosures has been set at $599.99 USD MSRP (4 TB) and $699.99 (6 TB) and are available online.

To compare, the Thunderbolt version seems to carry a $200 premium over their My Book Studio Edition II drive system which provides a similar setup (4TB/$399, 6TB/$499), though without Thunderbolt performance and connectivity.

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65 months ago
Insert obligatory series of posts:

for(i = 0; i < 30; ++i)
(average Mac user) LOL this is ridiculous who would pay that. Why do we even have TB ports. Apple is greedy
(person representing 0.3% of market) PROs do, you wouldn't know that though because all you do is use fb
(more informed Mac user) Actually Intel is being greedy because of licensing
Rating: 35 Votes
65 months ago
Love the potential Thunderbolt has, but the price is just horrific for the products that use it.

Was hoping that this year we'd see more consumer friendly prices for Thunderbolt accessories.
Rating: 25 Votes
65 months ago

Negatory Ghost rider, your condescending-ometer is way off. Anybody in businesses will use one of the many, faster enterprise solutions available to them. This is cheaply made end-user swill with no redeeming value. :D Smaller companies will be much better served by one of the many cheap cloud options available to them.

Cant believe cloud options were just used in a conversation about saving time.
Rating: 9 Votes
65 months ago

Was really hoping these guys would be the start of more affordable TB drives; shame that’s not the case. I can buy 4TB worth of firewire drives for less than half of that price. Sure the transfer rates are amazing but as long as the pricetag stays high, sales will stay low.

Seems that's the point though, no? If you're not looking for high performance or RAID, thunderbolt won't help you that much. You'll hit the single non-ssd drive bottleneck first, no?

Rating: 8 Votes
65 months ago

Still shocked your trying to talk to me about things you don't understand :D.

Wow really? You claimed no drive was worth over $100/TB regardless of how much time it saved you. I provided a logical case where saving time is of huge value. Where up front cost of a faster storage solution is easily offset. You proceeded to be a douchebag. Go try and impress someone else with your BS.
Rating: 8 Votes
65 months ago

Why is there a stupid apple wired mouse at the display? That doesn't encourage the state-of-the-art image that they are attempting to evoke.

Maybe because its easier for it to NOT be stolen? Since it looks like this was taken at some tech show.
Rating: 7 Votes
65 months ago

Yes, be a jerk on the internet. That will make you feel excellent about yourself. It may even get you layed if you brag of such exploits in the local drinking establishment.

I think he has a valid point. If you are in any sort of professional environment time is money. In a hypothetical situation having to wait 4 hours vs having to wait 1 hour is a huge difference, and repeated frequently the time savings would easily pay for the added cost.

So really your angry overreaction to his comment made you look like more of a jerk.
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65 months ago

I've had two of these drives, I get the feel the company thinks of them as disposable. Will wait for something a little more "pro" like G-Tech.

I've had a 'My Book' go bad.
I've had two G-Tech drives go bad.
LaCie? Ha ha...oh man.

I don't really care much for these "well this brand failed me" kind of discussions. ALL external drives are a risk and ALL of them will let you down eventually.

I've had failures from every major brand out there. So what do you do? I insist on redundancy and keep 2 of every file. Drives breaks. It's going to happen. I refuse to get caught up in worrying about it, otherwise I'd have run out of brands to buy a long, long time ago.

Drive mirroring is not an effective data backup system, as it only protects you from drive failure. You'd still be prone to data corruption (thanks HFS+) and file deletion.

I'm not worried about file deletion. Data corruption is a concern, but my time machine is currently only 100% the size of my data, so I don't have protection from that right now anyway! If it's corrupt, my current Time Machine will faithfully back that up. So even if mirroring's not perfect, it's not worse than what I currently have.
Rating: 6 Votes
65 months ago

I just want a 1 terabyte thunderbolt backup drive, nothing else. Like one of those passport ones from Western Digital. If a non-thunderbolt costs about $120, I don't see why a thunderbolt one would cost too much more.

Because all these Thunderbolt drives contain at least 2 drives. There's no point in a TB drive with just one drive. It won't be any faster than firewire.

As others have said, daisy-chaining will be nice, but that will only come once TB chips are cheaper. Right now the drive has to cost a little more, just for the TB interface. No one's going to buy a TB drive that costs more and isn't faster. So they're sticking to fast RAIDs for now as a selling point, and once the ports and chips are cheaper you'll see them come to single drives. But if they made those today no one would buy them.
Rating: 5 Votes
65 months ago
Umm With those drives you can daisy chain them and create a 24TB logical drive. We recently bought a similar directed attach storage solution from HP for $10,000 at work(most of the other competitors prices were in the $15k range).

$2800 for that same thing via Thunderbolt is a good price and the prices will only go down from there.
Rating: 5 Votes

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