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Shipping Dates for New iPad Orders Begin to Slip, White AT&T Models First Hit in U.S.

Following the new Apple TV's slip to a 1-2 week shipping estimate in Apple's U.S. online store late yesterday, the first signs of Apple's supplies of the new iPad beginning to run short have now emerged, with 16 GB and 64 GB models of the AT&T 4G iPad in white now showing estimated shipping dates of March 19 in the store. All models had previously been listed as delivering on the launch date of March 16.

Shipping dates are beginning to slip in other launch countries as well, with Apple's store for Japan showing delivery by March 19 and its German store citing a date of March 22. In Canada, several models including the black 64 GB Wi-Fi and white 32 GB Wi-Fi, 64 GB Wi-Fi, and 16 GB 4G are now showing an "available" date of March 19, while all models had previously been promised for delivery within the March 16-20 window.

Apple experienced several months' worth of shortages of the iPad 2 at launch, and the company is rolling out the new iPad on an even more aggressive schedule with ten countries being included in the first round on March 16 and 25 more being added just one week later.

Update: Apple's UK online store is now showing shipping estimates of 2-3 weeks for all models of the new iPad.

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84 months ago
I'm sure the haters will try to look at this as a failure for the just-released iPad, but I'm guessing Apple was prepared this time. This, too, will help stop all the freaking scalpers.

With that said, the 16th can't get here soon enough. I'm sure I'll look like a crackhead, looking out my window every two minutes, hoping for UPS/FedEx to arrive. :D
Rating: 9 Votes
84 months ago
It was a disaster trying to order within the first few hours, but I still managed to get my 64GB ATT Black model order in at least :)

Note to Apple: Please build a data center just for launch day ordering..
Rating: 7 Votes
84 months ago
Frankly I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner, but perhaps given the issues with the Apple Store yesterday afternoon helped to delay Apple from selling the initial supplies that quickly.

It is interesting to see the sales patterns for the various combinations of network, color and memory.
Rating: 6 Votes
84 months ago

I decided to wait until this summer to get the iPad 3 (HD) my iPad 1G is stilling going strong, and with the iOS 5.1 upgrade.

Figured by waiting for summer there won't be the problems of getting the unit I would want. :o

There are so many things that are wrong with this comment.
Rating: 5 Votes
84 months ago
I saw a post on Craigslist in Chicago where the guy was trying to sell his pre-order and was telling people not to low ball him. Granted, he didn't state the price but its safe to assume he'd want to make some profit.

I wonder if he's so much of an idiot that he thinks people won't check Apple's site first and order from there.
Rating: 3 Votes
84 months ago

The first day shipping date lasted MUCH longer than I anticipated. I foresee a month long wait for the new iPad, at least one or two versions of it, by the 16th.

It sounds like Apple had the supply chain ready (hence the worldwide rollout). I was a bit worried with the 3-4 hour delays trying to log onto the store at first, but by yesterday evening the store site was up and running and the process took just a few minutes. I'm now waiting for the white 32GB AT&T myself!

Interestingly, white seems to be a very popular choice now. I picked it as I already have a white 4S. I was debating whether to go with Verizon so I'd have a diverse array of providers, but in the end figured this would let me see how well or poorly AT&T's LTE network works in NYC before the new iPhone rollout this fall. If it works well enough, I might opt for the $50 plan with Wi-Fi hotspot and then cancel my T-Mobile account (the only reason I keep it now is for mobile Wi-Fi on my Nexus One).


I felt a bit sheepish this morning when I looked at the Apple site and it still listed the black 32GB Wi-Fi models as being delivered on the 16th, I could have ordered one this morning instead of letting the online store rule my life for 2 hours yesterday. :o

That is a lot of us. It sounds like Apple got their supply chain in order, even if they didn't quite get their store web servers in order in advance of the rush.
Rating: 2 Votes
84 months ago
Can't wait to look at that new screen for all the reading I enjoy. Bye jaggies!

Surprised how long the shipping for 16th lasted myself. And everyone I know that wanted one, got one in the first round yesterday. Not the case with the last two versions - it was more like winning Powerball.
Rating: 2 Votes
84 months ago

Some of us don't have smartphones. Why bother? I've got an iPad around 95% of the time.

Is that an iPad in your pants or are you just glad to see me? :D
Rating: 2 Votes
84 months ago

Glad I got my order in right after preordering went active. Anyone have any idea the amount these will sell on Ebay for?

Probably nothing.

If you notice, ship dates aren't slipping...that means Apple prepared for the volume of sales.

You aren't going to make much if anything off these because Apple was prepared for the onslaught of sales.

This time last year, shipments weren't even here yet. This year they are already in warehouses and more are coming each day.

Tim Cook made sure Apple had the stock ready. The only thing holding Apple back from selling more iPads last year and iPhones was themselves and being able to produce enough. This time they got ahead of the game and way ahead.

You are wasting your time thinking you will make money off these. If you do, it will be something small like $25.
Rating: 2 Votes
84 months ago

If you have an iPad 2, there really is no reason to upgrade, yet. The latest iPad release was, at best, disappointing.

you've got to be joking!!! this was an insanely huge update!!

4x resolution over the iPad 2
4x the processing speed
dictation, not available natively on iPad 2
a 1mp camera with crappy optics Vs. a 5mp camera with 5 chips and integrated to the processor.
1080p video. you can watch and record 1080p video.
4g lte.

this is a muh bigger upgrade than going from iPad 1 to iPad 2!!!!
Rating: 2 Votes

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