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iPad 3 Parts Put Together on Video, iPad 2 Smart Cover Still Works

Although we've already seen many stories about possible iPad 3 part leaks over the past few weeks, MIC Gadget has been able to get its hands on the rumored parts for the iPad 3 Front Glass, Rear Shell, and 3rd party cases.

The site put them together in this nice overview video:

The video shows the iPad 3 exterior assembled, but no internal parts. They reiterate previous findings, such as a slightly thicker shell, larger camera lens, and slightly more tapered design. MIC Gadget, however, was also able to confirm that existing iPad 2 magnetic Smart Covers will work with the new design. Finally, they found that 3rd party iPad 3 cases which are already available to purchase do match up with the back shell.

The site seems to believe the iPad 3 will incorporate Siri. Apple introduced the Siri voice assistant with the iPhone 4S launch, but hasn't yet extended its support to any other devices.

Apple is expected to announce the iPad 3 at a media event that is taking place on Wednesday, March 7th.

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95 months ago
This is starting to take the fun from the actual media events :p
Rating: 56 Votes
95 months ago
Anyone remember when new products were a surprise? :(
Rating: 30 Votes
95 months ago

We saw all the iPhone 4S parts ( before its launch.


And the whole iPhone 4 lol :p
Rating: 21 Votes
95 months ago
Coming from an iPad 2, the retina display is the selling point here.
Rating: 20 Votes
95 months ago

I've messed with the iPad3.

Rating: 17 Votes
95 months ago

"Better battery life"

How do they know?

It didn't look like it was consuming very much power.
Rating: 17 Votes
95 months ago
The amount of leaks on this device are quite surprising. This is the most I can recall, short of Apple losing a prototype.

It makes waiting for the keynote that much harder :p
Rating: 16 Votes
95 months ago
That music was irritating, nice video tho.
Rating: 15 Votes
95 months ago
That music will play every time you touch the home button the iPad 3 leading to massive murder and suicides. :D
Rating: 15 Votes
95 months ago

I've messed with the iPad3. Just another iPad but somehow just like all major sites say, it'll be a hit. It's useful but hearing it is getting kind of annoying.

Get a chance to use the iphone 5 too? :)
Rating: 13 Votes

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