Apple to Announce 1Q 2012 Earnings and iPhone 4S Sales Numbers on January 24

Apple early today updated its investor relations page to officially state that it will announce its earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2012 (fourth calendar quarter of 2011) and host a conference call regarding the release on Tuesday, January 24.
Apple’s conference call webcast discussing Q1 - 2012 financial results will begin at 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET on Tuesday, January 24, 2012.

Please note that comments made during this call may include forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from these forward-looking statements. For more information on the factors that could influence results, please refer to Apple’s SEC filings.
The conference call at 5:00 PM Eastern / 2:00 PM Pacific will follow the earnings release itself, which typically comes around 4:30 PM Eastern. MacRumors will provide running coverage of the earnings release and conference call.

The highly-anticipated results from a holiday quarter that also saw the launch of the iPhone 4S follow the company's typically conservative guidance that has already pegged the quarter as a blockbuster with predicted revenue of $37 billion. The company is also predicting all-time record iPhone sales as industry sales estimates have been pointing toward a similar record for Mac sales.

iPad sales are also expected to be strong with a record number of sales likely, although there have been some concerns that Amazon's Kindle Fire may have tempered iPad demand slightly. Finally, while iPod sales have been slowing over the past few years as customers have continued to shift toward smartphones for their music player needs, the holiday quarter remains the company's strongest by far for iPod sales due to their popularity as lower-priced gifts without expensive service contracts associated with them.

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106 months ago

If AAPL hits 415 again, I'm selling. I remember buying at it at $98/share.

So it's current price of $411 doesn't do it for you? Those extra $4 a share will make it or break it for you?
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106 months ago
Should be a great earnings call to be on!
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106 months ago

Anyone that claims they own shares on the internet, in fact have one or two shares if any at all.

Says the man bragging about his Macbook Pro, Apple TV 2, and white iPhone.

Is this your weird way of confessing to us that all of that's a lie too? Since my Apple shares are apparently made up, your computer must be too. Right?
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106 months ago

Sorry - I was not making this argument. I was just pointing you to fallacy that currently Apple (and the whole industry in itself) is in a situation that is bound to come down on them. Let me put it another way.

The iPhone is a wonderful phone - the iPhone4 itself is perfect. There is barely any need to update to a 4S without Apple willingly locking you out of Siri (if Siri really is so important as a feature - I really don't care for it despite all the hype stories how Apple designers spent time on "giving Siri personality").

So they can only go one route - which is what they are heading at for sure if you ask me. Soup up the computing power of the A5/A6 and the gfx power so people NEED the newer device to run the next hyped up iOS game. And this is so "PC era" as it can be - get the gaming crowd into a regular update cycle.

Basically you can call me narrow minded - but I am no spec sheet maniac and therefore I don't see any real benefit in upgrading the current smartphones in our family. Therefore I will go for the nice one my carrier offers (and don't care whether it runs WP7, iOS or Android). Be it Galaxy S3 or iPhone5 (my first contract is due June2012 - and I definitely will not go for a 4S).

Do you think, I am alone with my mindset? O.K. - go ahead, buy stocks then.

For the record: From my current point of view I won't need a tablet anytime soon. So I could care less, how great iOS, ICS or Win8 perform on a tablet.

It has to do a lot more then just a company trying to get people to buy their products.

It also has to do with competing with other companies that have simular products and also with the consumers themselves that are pushing to get the latest thing.

If a company gets too complacent with its product, competitors will offer more features, better service and so on.

If a company gets too complacent with its product, consumers themselves, are they really going to stick with the same product? While it works perfectly fine, another competitor offers more for the same or even lower price or possible even if it costs more.

So its not always about blaming or accusing a company on geting them hooked into a particular hardware, software or service. Its driven on all sides by many things.
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106 months ago

shouldnt they be announcing their 4Q 2011 results and not their 1Q 2012 results as 1Q 2012 doesn't end until march.

No. Apple's fiscal year ends September 30. So 4Q for most of us is their 1Q.
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106 months ago
shouldnt they be announcing their 4Q 2011 results and not their 1Q 2012 results as 1Q 2012 doesn't end until march.
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106 months ago

How does citing 3 articles written by the same site consist of a diversified opinion? Some of these articles make some rather outlandish claims that most would view as far-fetched, at best.

I'm not saying AAPL can't hit whatever number you want to put out there, I just think we need to sometimes keep things in perspective with this stock. That I own none of, nor ever will.

The Zaky article is worth reading. The other two are typical Seeking Alpha garbage.
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106 months ago

Why now though? Nothing exceptionally good happened recently and there were bad news that everyone thought would hurt AAPL (Steve's death, iPhone 4S not an iPhone 5, minor iPod refresh, etc.). In the next year we should see a major refresh of the MBP line and the long-awaited iPhone 5.

I know APPL also depends on the whole American economy and not just Apple's performance, but is there any good reason to sell now besides your personal economic needs? I'm truly asking, I don't know.

Portfolio diversification is one good reason.

Another reason is if you believe that the money could return better elsewhere. AAPL is trading right now around $410, and perhaps you set a one-year target price of $575. That's +40%. However, maybe there's another equity that you think is even more undervalued and has greater upside, maybe +60%. That's when you might move money from AAPL to somewhere else.

Commentors here frequently forget that the AAPL investor is not required to divest himself of every single share. Let's say Joe Investor bought 300 shares at $100, then another 50 shares at $250. He sells 250 shares at $410, at a +310% ROI. He keeps 100 shares (average purchase price $175) and eventually sells the remainder at $575, a +228% ROI on the second sale.

Portfolio diversification reduces risk. Even if you're an Apple employee, you probably don't want more than 25% of your total investments in AAPL. This is what burned Enron employees; many of them had zero portfolio diversification and when the stock crumbled, so did their entire portfolios.
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106 months ago

In case you have missed the big picture - the market for luxury consumption devices is a saturated pile of crap with hype after hype needed to motivate people buying.

See the slow and incremental update policy - Apple gives you JUST ENOUGH to upgrade though you now it's burnt money.

Please, not the, "People don't know any better, so they like to buy high priced Apple stuff" people buy it, because its a good quality product.

I don't call thunderbolt an incremental update. Its a new technology. Even besides that, its natural to see incremental updates.
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106 months ago

Why did people down rate the above comment. It's a valid point, assuming you're not a noise trader - then there is rational for the price.


Ummm 1% over a couple of weeks is not long term.

Downrated because a silly statement. Since he held from below 100, waiting for an under 1% increase at a magical $415, after a more than an alleged 300% gain, is odd. If he wants out, start scaling now. No prediction on how high since that's up to WS, not aapl, but aapl will provide the numbers. If anyone thinks aapl won't exceed it's ATH in next few weeks please PM. I've got some Nevada oceanfront property for sale.
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