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Newsstand in iOS 5 Fueling Growth of New Magazine Subscriptions

AllThingsD takes a look at how the launch of Apple's Newsstand feature as part of iOS 5 has affected subscription sales for Popular Science magazine, revealing that the prominent placement of the Newsstand app and easy access to updated content has driven a substantial increase in new subscriptions.
The chart comes to us courtesy of Mag+, Bonnier’s tablet-publishing software business. And as Mag+ CEO Staffan Ekholm points out, the really promising indicator for Pop Sci isn’t the one-week sales leap of 13 percent — it’s that the the magazine’s growth picked up after that week, with more velocity.
Based on the graph, Popular Science appears to have been adding new subscribers at a fairly constant rate of about 700 per week during the several months leading up to the debut of iOS 5. But more than a month after the significant bump immediately following iOS 5's release, the magazine is still seeing subscription growth at nearly double the rate seen before the arrival of Newsstand.

Apple developed Newsstand as a way to allow users to keep track of what could be a large number of magazine and newspaper subscriptions, housing them all in a dedicated folder where they can be updated in the background and display the latest covers to help users identify new content.

Apple is not alone, however, in trying to provide centralized access to subscription newspaper and magazine content. Just this week, Amazon updated its Kindle iOS app to add support for its newsstand of over 400 newspapers and magazines on the iPad.

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96 months ago

Of course there's also Zinio ( which has been around much longer than Newsstand. It's also cross platform so you can read your issues on your iPad, iPhone and Mac, PC and Android phone. Plus they have a much wider selection. Still no Macworld or Rolling Stone on Newsstand.

The problem with Zinio is the magazines in it are nothing more than PDF versions of their print magazines. The stuff on Newsstand can be entirely new concepts that are fully interactive to take advantage of the multitouch interface.

And Adobe's new Digital Publishing Suite works with it. We should be seeing some really good stuff coming out over the next few years with designers and publishers targeting the touch interface first rather than just porting print or web stuff to a digital touch based medium. Which is the same thing that made touch based apps and games successful.
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96 months ago
It looks like Apple will single handedly save print media like they did the music industry.

I'd like to see more apps work like the Newstand though. Click it and a drawer opens below for quick access.
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96 months ago
I'm not sure if Newstand is fueling a long time growth.

The first week this app was released there were 4140 new subscribers, then it dropped to 2076 the next week. The first week of Newstand there were 3676 new subscribers, the week after that it dropped to 2125.

The average new subscriptions for the first six weeks is 1691. The average new subscriptions the first six weeks after the launch of Newstand, 1832. That's an increase of just 141 extra subscriptions per week, or 8%.

I'd wait a couple more months before declaring Newstand being a success for publishers.

Another way to make the point.

Does anyone remember The Daily? Anyone still reading it?
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96 months ago

I'd like to see more apps work like the Newstand though. Click it and a drawer opens below for quick access.

I'd like to see more apps work in Newsstand. Months later, NYT is the only news app that I have that appears in the Newsstand. USA Today, WSJ, CNN, MLive, Fox, Michigan Public Radio, Valet, etc, all do not.
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96 months ago

Rating: 3 Votes
96 months ago

I thought Apple was out to destroy the print industry?

How does offering electronic (valueless) versions or currently printed media help the print industry?

I'm a digital NY Times subscriber. I wouldn't subscribe to the paper version for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is there is no daily delivery in the city I live in. I'm also able to enjoy my subscription anywhere in the world, rather than letting copies pile up on my doorstep or in my mailbox.

A couple of million people like me add up to half a billion dollars a year in revenue for the NY Times they simply would never be able to capture without the iOS subscription model. That half billion or so is the difference between the Times being a viable top quality newspaper, or having to slash its editorial and news gathering budgets.

Newsstand may not be perfect, and undoubtedly publishers have some details to work out, but long term I see it being a major plus for journalism.
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96 months ago
Newsstand makes the difference

Newsstans's consolidation of magazines makes this a pleasurable process. I didn't even consider magazine subscriptions until iOS 5.
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96 months ago
I wish I could add my other magazine subscription apps to the NewsStand folder... People magazine, Life, Men's Health, etc.

Sort of sucks that I have to maintain two folders for the same type of content.
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95 months ago

I'm at a loss. I suppose "to each their own" works. But pretty much none of those things are true about the iPad. Sounds like preconceived notions and placebo effect.

Maybe the 'give to a friend' item is a real problem, you can loan with Kindle, but probably not with other apps and periodicals.

The whole notetaking thing is why I'm actually beginning to consider an iPad for me. Many apps do this, now. I haven't had use for one before. And Newsstand is carefully hidden away in a folder on my phone.

Perhaps you are not grasping the value of the human physical equation in all of this.

Imagine going to see ancient leather bound volumes from a few 100 years ago, written by monks, kings and queens in their own handwriting.

The glorious colours, the feel of the pages and the leather binding, the smell of the leather/paper/ink.

What a wonderful experience just an item is to behold.

And then just look at a photo if it.

It's nothing. Sure the words are there, and you can read it, but there is no "experience"

Much like how nice a glossy, beautifully made magazine or quality book. The feel, the smell, the experience of it.
A digital copy if just nothing in comparison.

Why would people even bother to go to a museum to see a great work of art ever again? let's just scan them in and dump them.

At the same time, no need for anyone to paint of paper or canvas anymore, lets just all do it in Photoshop.

I'm not saying a device like the iPad is not handy or convenient, but it's a mere worthless shell, a cheap copy of the real thing.
It's going to be a shame if we lose the real things in the future.

Do you just send an email of a Christmas card to your Girl/Boyfriend/family as it's just the same, and looks the same.
Or do you go out and buy them physical cards to give them wished of the season?

Why would anyone buy real cards, when an email version is quicker, cheaper?

Because it's a nicer physical thing, and has a meaningful value.
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94 months ago
Is there any reason you can't perform search within Newsstand or is it because there are so few magazines for sale it doesn't matter right now? :confused::confused::confused:
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