Grand Central Terminal Packed for Apple Retail Store Opening

grand central store crowd
Following Wednesday's media preview event, Apple's massive new retail store in Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal opened to the public today at 10:00 AM. As noted by Fortune, the main concourse of the terminal was filled with hundreds of people waiting for the store to open as hundreds more red-shirted Apple employees prepared to welcome them.

As is traditional for Apple retail store openings, the company is handing out store-specific T-shirts to early visitors. Fortune notes that Apple has prepared to hand out 4,000 T-shirts for today's opening.

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JangoFett124 Avatar
150 months ago
I really feel bad for the commuters.
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HarryKeogh Avatar
150 months ago
Well, that looks like an absolutely hellish experience.
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alent1234 Avatar
150 months ago
people don't have jobs to go to?
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Roessnakhan Avatar
150 months ago
Jesus, it's a store, not a concert.
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dmacthedon Avatar
150 months ago
Looks like a miserable experience, i love apple, but i would not show up to this.. apple stores are busy enough on any normal day when you need to buy something, i don't get the big deal, its not like its the first store in NYC theres other stores if you need to go buy something, and its not like theres any new products on sale at this specific store. so why the crowd? Are all these people showing up for a free t shirt? if thats the case
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mbh Avatar
150 months ago
Jesus, it's a store, not a concert.

Yeah, if you want a concert, go to a Microsoft store opening.
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