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iPhone 4S Launches in the U.S. with A5, Better Camera, and Siri

Unboxing photos via Electronista

Stores along the east coast of the U.S. have now started selling the iPhone 4S with the rest of the country to follow over the next few hours. The worldwide launch has seen large crowds at several locations, though some readers are finding it specific stores or areas with few crowds.

New York City's 5th Avenue Apple Store did draw a large crowd but according to AppleInsider the line was shorter at that location than the iPhone 4 launch.

The new iPhone 4S comes with a faster processor, improved camera and new voice technology called Siri.

One person has already posted a side-by-side video comparing the video recording of the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S:

Siri, of course, is the new feature that many are anxious to try out. Apple has done a great job including many humorous responses in Siri. ThisisMyNext highlighted many of these:

Some early users are finding that Siri is having trouble with specific accents. Map integration also seems limited to the U.S. We expect to see many more reviews and evaluations of the device as it more people start receiving the device. Many early adopters are posting in our iPhone forum with questions and impressions of their new devices.

Apple saw more 1 million in pre-orders for the iPhone 4S with analyst predictions for opening weekend ranging from 2 to 4 million.

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105 months ago

'siri, find a local dirty hooker for me..'

that one works...
Rating: 24 Votes
105 months ago
'siri, find a local dirty hooker for me..'

'calling mum'
Rating: 19 Votes
105 months ago
Best phone ever.

Siri is Siri-ously great.
Rating: 12 Votes
105 months ago

Sadly Siri doesn't understand my Scottish accent, however when I put on a fake yankee American accent it understands me.

So to sum up Apple think America is the centre of the universe and I am just about to return my iPhone 4S and get a Nexus Prime.

Apple suck

Again I have to tell you (I did before) : You are a Clown

Remember this post by Clown Boy :

Who cares? The screen is the size of a credit card, the OS sucks as does the battery and proximity sensor and the tech inside it is 18 months out of date, my calculator has more RAM, 512mb is...


So Why the above post and yet you still bought an iPhone 4S

Just by reading some of your post makes me (sick) realize that you are nothing more than a troll
Rating: 11 Votes
105 months ago

The side by side video is interesting. The stabilizer makes a pretty big difference. I also noticed the colors on the 4S are much warmer and lifelike than that of the 4. Nice job to the person who did the video comparison.

BTW, my phone is on the FedEx truck right now. GIVE IT TO ME NOW! :D

WTF? The FedEx truck just drove down my street and didn't stop. Come back! Come back!!
Rating: 10 Votes
105 months ago
The video stabilizer is pretty impressive. Cant wait to play with it! Where the heck is UPS? :)
Rating: 8 Votes
105 months ago

"finding that Siri is having trouble with specific accents"

Yeah good, maybe these people can learn to talk right

Americans have wayyyy too much patience with foreign or screwed up accents because they don't learn foreign languages. Ever since learning a new language I have had absolutely no pity on college professors that have been in US 20+ years and still can't speak comprehensibly. Their LAZINESS is being inflicted on everyone around them, THEY are the rude ones who should be punished. A small accent might be unavoidable, but thick accents are nothing but being LAZY

Sorry but learning the language in southern Alabama is not learning a "new language" :rolleyes:
Rating: 7 Votes
105 months ago

Both video samples do look the same to me, like cell phones with tiny sensors footage. I am just going to assume its YouTube compression.

I hate these "quality tests" on Youtube. Even at 1080p YT tends to have a sort of 'mushiness' to it. My personal iPhone 4 footage and work-related Sony EX3 ($8,000) footage tend to look pretty similar on Youtube.

Watch them on a monitor straight from the source and you'll get a different impression.

Still, that sample was good enough to show that the 4S stabilizer is pretty awesome.
Rating: 7 Votes
105 months ago
I was really impressed by the camera, stabilization is really good, low-light performance is awesome, colors are vibrant and overall a great camera. Gotta see how this stacks up against Galaxy S2 and Nexus Prime...
Rating: 7 Votes
105 months ago

Best phone ever . . . until the iPhone 5, which is the phone that I will be getting.

Glad to see that Siri has a sense of humor, I am sure people will be spending more time with that aspect than getting directions from it.

Both video samples do look the same to me, like cell phones with tiny sensors footage. I am just going to assume its YouTube compression.

Watch the video in 1080p and you can see the difference
Rating: 7 Votes

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