Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 5 to Developers

In a surprise move, Apple has released iOS 5 Beta 5 (build 9A5288d) to developers on Saturday. Apple typically releases new developer seeds on weekdays. Alongside the iOS 5 beta 5 release is Xcode 4.2 Developer Preview 5, iTunes 10.5 Beta 5 and Apple TV Software beta 4.

iOS 5 Beta 5 is available as an over the air update, but according to the release notes, users must first erase all content and settings by choosing Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Apple recommends backing up your device using iTunes 10.5 Beta 4 or through iCloud prior to installing iOS 5 beta 5, and subsequently restoring. That said, some users have been able to upgrade fine without going through that process.

thanks Elijah

BGR posts the release notes, which details some fixes, but no major new features. We're looking into what other changes may have occurred.

Hearing Aid Mode is said to be new in iOS 5 Beta 5:

Over the air update from Beta 4 to Beta 5 is 128MB.

NatesTechUpdate offers this video which goes over some of the new findings in iOS 5:

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110 months ago

I agree what's the point of an OTA update if I still have to restore my device?

It's almost as if they are trying to do some sort of "beta testing" with it or something. Crazy Apple!
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110 months ago

OK, well then I guess there's no point on using it them. Will restore the normal way.

I agree what's the point of an OTA update if I still have to restore my device?

The term "beta tester" has sure changed a lot from when I used to do it.
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110 months ago

Camera+ ( and Mashable! ( have both been accepted with unofficial support for iOS 5..... the update log on iTunes page has since changed

original details can be found here:

There is a difference between being compatible with iOS 5 and having features that require iOS 5. I am the developer of an app that does not run at all on iOS 5 at the moment. However, I can fix the problem and make it work on (a.k.a. be compatible with) iOS 5 without ever touching the iOS 5 SDK. I can submit that update today. The thing I can't do is submit an update that uses an API that is only found in iOS 5. These apps that have updated for compatibility with iOS 5 are doing the former: fixing issues with running on iOS 5 using the iOS 4 SDK.
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110 months ago

Apple: Please don't forget us lowly mac users and try to release iLion 10.7.1 before 2012. :confused:

What's an iLion?

Are your talking about OS X Lion?

Mac OS 10.7.2 released to developers...

Apple has not yet made any mention of 10.7.1. OS X Lion was just released last week, and we expect that 10.7.1 will be delivered shortly as an initial bug fix to customers.

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110 months ago

I agree what's the point of an OTA update if I still have to restore my device?

It's a beta. The only officially supported OTA updated with be starting with future versions of iOS 5.0 onward. They don't really care about bugs that only arise from 5.0 beta 4 -> 5.0 beta 5.
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110 months ago

how do I get this thing installed without paying the $99 registration or whatever fee?? Any hacks?

You should definitely have googled that before asking it here. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of "You have NO BUSINESS downloading a beta if you have to ask this, NON-DEV" douchebagery.
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110 months ago


anyone got an issue where no 3rd party apps will load?

twitter, nike gps, angry birds.. nothing works. email is fine. safari is fine

select the app, it expands and crashes. tried loading it again - same issue. killed itin task manager, rebooted. still fails. bit concerning.

no apps - not useful AT ALL

Read the !@#$ forum, answers are there, lazy .....:mad:
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110 months ago

But the bigger question is can you test the app that you are developing successfully?

the bigger question is why do you think that is the only reason people have beta iOS software? Because it gives you a chance to sound off like a pretentious little internet troll? Or because I work for a carrier and need the software to help make sure all this software you lot are using without permission, isn't going to break my network?

if you have nothing intelligent or useful to say, why not keep quiet?

Update your iTunes to the latest beta and then sync your iPhone. :)

will do. thanks for that - didn't see there was iTunes 10.5 b5 out too
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110 months ago

Just noticed for Wi-Fi sync too for me. Because this computer was new and I did not authorize it yet, iTunes asked me if I wanted to authorize it to transfer the apps from my device. I declined, and then it deleted the apps from my device too. Losing my progress. Glad I got a android phone now.

lol so your own user error meant you went and got an android? wow.... good for you....
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110 months ago

Why the hell would you want to jailbreak a beta?
1. It's unstable enough as it is
2. Unless you paid for a UUID slot and do not deserve to have the beta, you're using your developer account for the wrong reasons (Which makes me a hypocrite but I want a dev account)
3. OTA would break the jailbreak and probably mess your phone up big time

On another note, I'm syncing iOS 5 Beta 5 with iTunes 10.5 Beta 4 for Mac. Cool.

1. It's a myth that jailbreak makes things (more) unstable. It is what you do to your phone with tweaks and customizations post-jailbreak that affect stability.
2. I have my own dev account. I also develop apps for Cydia. I shouldn't update my Cydia apps for iOS 5 because that would be for the wrong reasons?
3. No, the OTA system is disabled when it detects the Applications folder is modified (jailbreak).
Even if it did OTA, any unbootable state is always fixed with an iTunes restore.
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