AT&T Announces Summer Launch of New LTE Modem and Hotspot Devices

AT&T today announced (via Engadget) the forthcoming launch of two new LTE-enabled wireless access devices: the USBConnect Momentum 4G and the Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G. Both devices are coming "this summer", will support LTE, HSPA+, and earlier technologies, and will offer support for Mac OS X Leopard or later.

With plug-and-play installation that takes about 60 seconds to complete on Windows computers, AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G customers can access 4G LTE speeds, where available, and when out of range have access to AT&T's nationwide HSPA+ network, delivering 4G speeds when combined with enhanced backhaul. They can also take advantage of unlimited usage on AT&T's entire national Wi-Fi network if using a post-paid data plan, and manage their connections and data usage with the preloaded AT&T Communication Manager.

The company's first 4G LTE mobile hotspot device, the AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G, allows access to 4G LTE speeds on up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices in select markets. Email, browse, download presentations and more when you're out and about - without skipping a beat no matter if you are on LTE or AT&T's nationwide HSPA+ network. With no software to install and an LCD screen to guide you, setting up AT&T Mobile Hotspot is fast and easy. Just power it up and connect your laptop using the Wi-Fi network name and security key displayed on the screen. Easily view device and connection status on the LCD, including battery status, signal strength, and data usage.

Pricing is set at $49.99 for the Momentum 4G and $69.99 for the Elevate 4G after $50 mail-in rebates and with two-year contracts.

att momentum elevate lte
AT&T is launching its LTE in five markets this summer: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and San Diego. The carrier plans to expand the network to at least 15 markets and cover 70 million Americans by the end of the year. AT&T has yet to announce, however, expected real-world data speeds for its LTE network.

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chrmjenkins Avatar
127 months ago
Enjoy the high speed LTE while you can. It will be in the toilet come iPhone 6 in 2012 I'd imagine.

If ATT is going to do LTE, one thing is certain... it is going to stink.
Preliminary tests have shown their network is faster than Verizon's, with them hitting over 20 MB/s. The question will be how much backhaul they have, which shouldn't be an issue at first.
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RalfTheDog Avatar
127 months ago
If ATT is going to do LTE, one thing is certain... it is going to stink.

I am happy to have a CLEAR 4G + 3G mobile hotspot, why? cause it works. my ATT Iphone is very unreliable.

and no, just cause ATT doesn't reinvest in it's network it is no reason to approve monopolistic behavior in their proposed T-Mobile buyout.

Apple needs to approve Sprint, T-Mobile and other carriers for its products. not keep people reliant on ATT in the US.
From my experience, ATT outperforms Sprint and T-Mobile by a large margin. I get far better downloads on ATT than Sprint (Unless I luck into a Sprint 4G location.) I dread calls from my T-Mobile friends because of drops and they are always borrowing my phone when they can't get signal. I just hope ATT upgrades T-Mobile to their standards after the takeover.
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NoExpectations Avatar
127 months ago
How is this Apple news?
A lot of us tether our iPads, iPods, and even our Macbooks. Having 1 hotpsot (read one bill) is better than multiple bills (one per device).
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IlluminatedSage Avatar
127 months ago
If ATT is going to do LTE, one thing is certain... it is going to stink.

I am happy to have a CLEAR 4G + 3G mobile hotspot, why? cause it works. my ATT Iphone is very unreliable.

and no, just cause ATT doesn't reinvest in it's network it is no reason to approve monopolistic behavior in their proposed T-Mobile buyout.

Apple needs to approve Sprint, T-Mobile and other carriers for its products. not keep people reliant on ATT in the US.
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xxBURT0Nxx Avatar
127 months ago
Just imagine next year ATTs 4G LTE and Tmobiles 42 mbps HSPA+ as a fall back.
since they are launching with 5 markets and are only projecting 15 markets by the end of 2011, I'm not holding my breath.

VZW launched with almost 40 markets LAST YEAR, and plans to have 175 by the end of this year... att 4G is an absolute joke at best.
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Icaras Avatar
127 months ago
This fascinating for someone, I'm sure.

But, given that this is MacRumors, can we stick to Apple related news, please?!

This was important to me and at&t related, since they sell both iPhones and iPads that could use these modems nicely. Not to mention your Macbooks.
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