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Apple Quietly Updates Time Capsule (2TB and 3TB) and AirPort Extreme

Apple has quietly updated their Time Capsule with 2TB and 3TB models, as expected. Pricing of the new units isn't clear as Apple hasn't updated the retail site, though the splash page still indicates "Starting at $299". There seems to be no mention of any new features aside from the hard drive capacities

Apple has also slightly tweaked the promotional pages for the AirPort Extreme, suggesting that that device has also received a quiet update. But again, no details on spec changes have been revealed.

Update: Apple has now posted store pages for the updated 2 TB ($299) and 3 TB ($499) Time Capsules. The new models offer the same price points as before, but with the upgraded capacities.

Apple has also posted a new store page for the AirPort Extreme, although it is still unclear what improvements are included over the previous generation. Pricing remains at $179.

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109 months ago
Same design, no new features. Meh!
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109 months ago

They will sell like hotcakes I promise you. 3TB of storage for £399 is truly a breakthrough price when you consider all the really cool technology incorporated into the Time Capsule family of products. A Windows PC with a 3TB drive will cost you a lot more than £399 and will take up a lot more space, use more electricity and be prone to all the usual flaws associated with Microsoft products.

Stop trying to justify the ridiculous price. It really makes you look lame.
Rating: 7 Votes
109 months ago
I love all you guys who get all pissed off that a RUMOR posted on an internet board doesn't come true....and then BLAME APPLE! They didn't start the rumor, they made no promises, but yet, it is Apple's fault somehow?

Love the guy that went and sold his 2TB TC yesterday "before the prices dropped on used ones" in anticipation of the new TC to be released...all based on rumors. Guess that was Apple's fault, and more directly Steve Job's fauly and Apple should give him a free TC....
Rating: 6 Votes
109 months ago
Awww Apple, still no audio out port for Airplay? I would snatch one up if there was...
Rating: 6 Votes
109 months ago

How long has it been since they used a white plastic casing? Besides the Macbook...

I think white plastic casing was standard in their products like 6 years ago.

Aluminum isn't very good at letting radio waves pass through, which means it would be a terrible choice of material to build a wireless router.
Rating: 6 Votes
109 months ago

Apple needs to just get out of the wireless router business and leave it to Cisco and Netgear. At one point, the Apple products were ground breaking, but these days they are a total joke compared to what the competition offers. I won't even begin, but for starters, let's have 4 gigabit ports + 1 WAN port, instead of the 3+1 that Apple is offering?

Second, the Apple products are lacking enhanced functionality such as bandwidth monitoring/metering, QOS, etc...

Plus, the USB port on the Airports is NOTORIOUSLY SLOWER then MOLASSES...

And Apple continues to charge a premium for their sub standard product. No thanks.

I am so glad you're wrong and that Apple continues to make Airport hardware. I love my Time Capsule, so go buy your Netgear router and leave these products for those who want them and don't wish upon them to get the shaft just because these products don't meet your specific needs.
Rating: 5 Votes
109 months ago

So much for the rumors of the much NEEDED iTunes server (so one wouldn't have to keep a computer on 24/7 to make their full libraries available to all their AppleTV units....

Between this and the no physical media Lion distribution that means you have to install and old operating system before you can install Lion I can only say one thing.

Apple is really starting to suck.

I think I'll keep Snow Leopard on my MBP and I'll think twice before buying a Mac again in the future.

I wonder what I can get to replace AppleTV since it'll apparently never work transparently with a UPnP/DLNA server or NAS device.

Wow. What a truly foolish thing to say. Apple just revolutionized the industry with iCloud. They are about to release a major update to OS X, and they are about to release a major update to iOS. They are releasing new hardware all the time, and they about to release a new major version of the iPhone. They have the best tablet and phone on the planet.

And Apple "sucks" because they didn't release some piece of hardware that you *IMAGINED*?

Cry babies. I'm literally disgusted by you.
Rating: 5 Votes
109 months ago
I agree with all the "disappointing" posts.
Rating: 5 Votes
109 months ago
Deep inside

One iFixit teardown, please.
Rating: 5 Votes
109 months ago
Warning: Don't buy them refurbished!

2 TB refurbished = £326 :mad:
2 TB new = £249. :D
Rating: 4 Votes

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