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iOS 4.2 GM: New Multitasking Bar, MobileMe Login Changes

Image from deanostetto

Apple's new iOS 4.2 GM comes with a few additional changes. The multitasking bar now adds both Volume and Brightness controls for fast access. Also pictured is the new AirPlay button (on right).

4.2 GM on left, 4.1 on right

We're hesitant to read too much into this just yet, but there has been one interesting change in iOS 4.2 noted first by a tech company in Southern California. The new MobileMe account setup in iOS 4.2 GM (left) allows you to log into MobileMe settings using an Apple ID. Apple even offers a link to create a free Apple ID right there. Apple ID logins don't seem to work yet, so we're not sure what the intended purpose is. Apple may simple be linking Apple IDs and MobileMe accounts for a consolidated login. However, the a more fanciful interpretation is that Apple would allow any user access to some of the currently pay-only MobileMe features.