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Apple Planning on Doubling Their Just Completed NC Data Center?

DataCenterKnowledge posts an aerial video of Apple's near-complete North Carolina Data Center. The Data Center is said to begin operations "any day now" according to local officials.

The video was posted by a local realtor who reports that Apple is rumored to already be expanding the newly completed data center.

There is a rumor that Apple will double the 500,000 square foot $1 Billion Data Center in North Carolina. Though there has been no official announcement, I discovered that site work is being performed and it clearly appears that there may be some truth to the speculation.

The rumor appeared both in Charlotte Business Journal and All Things Digital:

With its 500,000 square feet of data center space (currently, sources tell me that Apple is considering doubling that) the facility has been built for something.

Doubling their data center so soon after construction would represent massive expansion. Apple has yet to officially confirm their plans for the data center.