Apple TV's 'Lowtide' Media Interface Running on an iPod Touch

Yesterday, we noted that users digging through the Apple TV firmware discovered that the operating system's interface application, known as "Lowtide", carries hidden settings indicating compatibility with the iPad. The discovery naturally led to speculation that some of the Apple TV's features, such as the ability to accept streaming video input via AirPlay, could make their way to the iPad.

TUAW now points to a YouTube video showing the Lowtide application running on a fourth-generation iPod touch. While porting Lowtide to the iPod touch involved a fair amount of work and is not something that the vast majority of users would likely want to or even should attempt, especially given the fact that the result is essentially a non-functional implementation of the Apple TV, it does serve as an interesting example of how some of the new Apple TV's features could make the transition to Apple's other iOS devices relatively easily.

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