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Standing in Line for the iPhone 4

Line at Michigan Ave Store in Chicago, IL, photo by @chartier

Lines are starting to grow around the world for the iPhone 4 launch. Pictured above is the Michigan Ave Apple Store in Chicago where the weather isn't quite cooperating. Steve Wozniak was spotted in line and even signing a passerby's iPhone 4 box (he must have pre-ordered).

We've continued to get reports all day of Best Buy and Wal-marts having anywhere from 0 to 5 units for sale on launch day. We have also heard unconfirmed reports that the shortages are due to Apple not meeting production numbers. It'll be interesting to see how much stock Apple retail stores have of the new iPhone.

Forum users are organizing meetups across the world in our forums. If you are standing in line, feel free to participate in this thread, your own regional thread (search here), and email any photos to and we'll post the most interesting ones here.


Photo by Sherifftruman in our Durham/Raleigh, NC meetup thread

Apple Store, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris from

Peek inside the Apple Store at Michigan Ave during setup

Photo by Chad, Scottsdale, AZ

Regent Street, London by Rob Smith

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113 months ago
hahah. its funny cause i have a reserved one and can cut the whole line :D
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113 months ago
I like that people are standing in line

for a phone I'm holding in my hand.
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