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Apple Working on 'Next Generation' Media Applications

Apple's job postings are usually pretty unremarkable. Over the years, Apple has learned to keep from posting anything too revealing as they know that people are watching their every move. A recent job listing for a software engineer, however, seems unusually enticing to us.

Apple is looking for an engineer to work on a team "tasked with creating the next generation application for manipulating media". They are looking for someone to be involved in creating "new user interfaces" with the purpose of "allowing the user to manipulate content in new and exciting ways".

While the job listing remains sufficiently vague, it does raise some interesting possibilities. User interface design is a topic that runs to Apple's core. Ever since the original Macintosh introduced the mouse/window interface to the masses, UI has been a point of pride for Apple. "Next generation" interfaces could mean anything, but with Apple's focus on multi-touch interfaces as well the leaked images of a multi-touch trackpad, our imaginations jump right towards those possibilities.

Leaked photos of a multi-touch trackpad peripheral