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Apple Releases iPhone OS 4 Beta 3 and SDK to Developers [Updated]

Following a trend of biweekly releases it established with earlier developer seeds of iPhone OS 3.2 for iPad, Apple has released the third beta version of iPhone OS 4 and the associated Software Development Kit (SDK). Available to registered developers via the iPhone Dev Center, the third beta is a refinement of the operating system and developer tools initially released in early April alongside a media event to introduce the next-generation software for Apple's iPhone OS devices.

No details on changes included in the new beta have yet been detailed.

Apple is expected to publicly release iPhone OS 4 to iPhone and iPod touch users "this summer", although early models of those devices will not be compatible with the new OS and even some newer models will not be able to take advantage of all of the features. iPhone OS 4 will come to the iPad "in the fall".

Update: Apple has reportedly temporarily pulled the new version due to an issue with installation of the revised SDK tools.