New Beta of Google Chrome for Mac Now Available

Google today announced the release of a new beta of Google Chrome for Mac, adding several new features such as extensions and bookmark syncing that were left out of the initial beta released in December while also focusing on a "snappy, safe, and simple browsing experience" for users.

With this new version, you'll be able to install any of over 2,200 extensions (and counting!) currently available in Chrome's extensions gallery. Extensions can add useful, informative, fun, or quirky functionality to the browser. You can manage your extensions by clicking on the Window menu and choosing "Extensions."

Bookmark syncing allows Chrome users to keep their bookmarks synchronized among Chrome browsers on Mac, Windows, and Linux machines. Also added in the new beta are bookmark, cookie, and task managers for increased functionality. A new video preview of Google Chrome for Mac has also been posted.

Existing Chrome users should be automatically upgraded to the new beta (version 5.0.307) within the next day.