And... Tablet Rumors Revived: Larger Mac-Like Tablet in the Works?

After just five days free of Apple tablet rumors, it has begun again. TechCrunch claims that they have heard that Apple is working on a second larger tablet that will be "much more like a Mac than an iPhone."

But the information were hearing is that Apple is thinking much larger for another version of the product, maybe all the way up to the 15.4″ size that it currently uses for one version of the MacBook Pro. If you think that would be way too big for an iPad, were also hearing that this other tablet would be quite a bit different from the one revealed last week. Namely, it could run a version of OS X much closer to the traditional version that runs on Macs.

In the wake of the iPad launch, the possibility of Apple also pursuing a Mac OS X-based tablet seems strange. While some iPad detractors have been hoping for a Desktop-OS-on-Tablet experience, variations these products have existed and have simply not gained traction.

TechCrunch claims such a device would be launched within the next year. If true, we'd expect Apple to introduce more multi-touch friendly changes to Mac OS X itself. The rumors of a 22-Inch Touch Screen iMac could well tie in with these rumors.