Apple Tablet Mockup Photos Gain Attention

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As typical prior to any Apple event, supposedly "leaked" product images tend to start circulating. Unfortunately, actual product image leaks are quite rare and they typically come from a trusted source or site. In fact, it's been extremely rare for randomly circulating and unsourced images to be genuine.

We had previously posted a collection of these circulating "iPad" images on our Page 2 which collects unreliable rumors and other news of lesser importance.

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A couple of these tablet images, however, have started gaining traction amongst other tech sites, so we are re-publishing these for reader interest. The above two images seemed to originate from a Twitter account last week. We don't know the story behind the images, so they could have even been labeled as concept/mockups from the start.

One of the images has geotagging placing it in Germany, while the second image places it in San Jose, California. Both images, however, appear to have been taken at the same time, making it likely that some of this information has been tampered with. The keyboard layout of the MacBook Pro in the photos appear to have an international layout.

For what it's worth, we don't believe these images are legitimate, but provided for interest and discussion. That said, earlier reports have said the upcoming Apple tablet will resemble these images.

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