Apple Tablet to Be Priced 'Shockingly' Low?

In the latest episode of Diggnation, co-host Alex Albrecht reveals under pressure from Kevin Rose that he has received information about Apple's much-rumored tablet computer, but acknowledges only that he was "shocked" to hear how low the device will be priced.

The episode also features John Hodgman of Apple's "Get a Mac" commercials as a guest, and while he too is asked about the company's tablet, he notes that Apple has unsurprisingly not shared any information on it with him.

While Albrecht has not been a significant source of Apple rumors, Rose has regularly offered claims of forthcoming Apple releases, a number of which turned out to be accurate. Due to a lack of detail and track record for Albrecht, however, we are including this on Page 2 primarily for interest and discussion rather than as information to be trusted.