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Kindle Software for Mac Under Development

Amazon yesterday announced the launch of "Kindle for PC", a free Windows application that will allow users to read e-Books purchased from the company's Kindle Store on their computers. While the news release made no mention of a Mac version of the application, Fast Company reports (via 9 to 5 Mac) that a Mac version is in fact under development.

An Amazon spokesperson told me late Thursday: "Yes, we are working on a Kindle app for Mac."

Amazon has worked to quickly broaden access to its Kindle Store content beyond the original Kindle hardware launched in late 2007. In addition to several new models released since that time, the company has pushed Kindle Store content to the iPhone with the release of a free iPhone application and an iPhone-optimized Kindle Store accessible through Safari. Earlier this month, Amazon also announced an international version of the Kindle hardware that allows global access to Kindle Store content.

Apple has reportedly been looking to pursue e-Book-like capabilities with its much-rumored tablet device, but is rumored to be taking things even further in an attempt to redefine print media by creating interactive experiences for users.