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Rogers' iPhone Exclusivity in Canada to End Next Month? [Updated]

The Globe and Mail reports that wireless providers Bell and Telus will begin selling the iPhone in Canada next month, ending the exclusivity arrangement enjoyed by Rogers Wireless since the iPhone's introduction there in July 2008.

Neither Bell nor Telus would confirm that they would add the iPhone to their lineups. Apple also declined to comment. But people familiar with the matter said the two carriers will announce a working partnership with Apple as early as Tuesday or Wednesday and begin selling the device in time for the launch of their new network next month.

The news comes just a week after O2's exclusivity arrangement with Apple for the iPhone in the UK crumbled as both Orange and Vodafone announced plans to begin offering the iPhone in the near future.

Update: Both Bell and Telus have released brief statements confirming that they will begin offering the iPhone for sale in November.