Microsoft Declares Office 2008 Ready for Snow Leopard, Most 'Spaces' Issues Fixed

In a blog post today, Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit senior product manager Mike Tedesco announces that Office 2008 has been tested with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and declared ready for use. Importantly, Tedesco also notes that most of the issues related to Office 2008's interaction with Apple's "Spaces" feature have been fixed in Snow Leopard through the combined efforts of Apple and Microsoft.

Q. Are there any differences with Office 2008 for Mac running on Snow Leopard vs. Leopard?
A. Office 2008 for Mac is Snow Leopard tested and ready! Best of all, with the launch of Snow Leopard, the bulk of the Word 2008 Spaces issues have been fixed after our collaborative efforts to address the problem.

The Spaces bugs present with Office 2008 and Leopard have been viewed as a significant usability issue for many users, but Microsoft has repeatedly placed responsibility for fixing the problems on Apple, citing Apple's implementation of Spaces as the root cause. Based on today's posting, it appears that the two companies have finally worked through the majority of the issues related to Spaces and Office 2008, although Tedesco's wording suggests that there may still be a lingering bug or two.