OS X Snow Leopard 10A411 Brings a Few Minor Changes

Yesterday's release of OS X Snow Leopard Build 10A411 to developers has sent those with access to the new version searching for changes since the last update. Given that the previous seed had occurred only five days earlier, the changes found so far in the latest build are unsurprisingly minor for the most part. Here are a few of the changes observed so far:

QuickTime X Interface: QuickTime X has been updated from version 10.0 (42) to 10.0 (47) and adds a new "glossy black" look to the navigation interface.

103151 10a411 qt interface

Dock Contextual Menu Font: The font used for Dock contextual menus appears to have reverted to the "Leopard-style" larger non-bold text.

103151 10a411 dock font
10A411 on left, 10A402 on right

Trashing Files from Stacks: Trashing files from Stacks in Grid view now properly deletes the selected files.

Dock Expos Across Spaces: Dock Expos reportedly now displays windows from all Spaces upon activation.

New Safari Build: Safari has been updated to version 4.0.3 (6531.4). There is no word on any visible changes since the previous build.