NVIDIA Sources Refute Claim of Split With Apple

Fudzilla has heard from industry sources close to NVIDIA that a recent report claiming that Apple will be dropping NVIDIA-based designs for future Macs is false and that the companies' relationship is "just fine."

Apple is still buying Nvidia notebook chips and chipsets and nothing has changed in the last few weeks. Nvidia and Jensen [NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang] himself have a lot of respect for fuss maker Apple, and therefore this relationship has top priority for Nvidia people.

According to the earlier report, Apple's dissatisfaction with manufacturing defects in NVIDIA's chipsets for a number of MacBook Pros had led Apple to drop NVIDIA for future Macs.

The future of NVIDIA's chipsets in Macs remains in question, however, as Intel and NVIDIA have filed lawsuits against each other over licensing of Intel's Nehalem architecture, which is expected to make its way into Apple's mobile line later this year.