Doom Resurrection Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

id Software's original iPhone game Doom Resurrection [App Store] was released into the App Store earlier today. The Doom 3 inspired game offers a first person shooting experience that's been adapted to the iPhone. From a TouchArcade review of the game:

The best compliment I can offer to Doom Resurrection is that despite some controversial changes, it "feels" like Doom and is a lot of fun. And as a reviewer, there are games I have to play to the end and games I want to play to the end, and Doom Resurrection easily fell in the latter category. The game makes good use of the Doom 3 graphics and audio to provide an immersive game that sucks you in for the duration.

The player's movements in the game are scripted while the aiming/shooting is controlled by the accelerometer. This video shows the game in action: