Next-Generation iMacs to See Price Cuts?

AppleInsider reports that Apple is considering dropping the price points for its iMac line alongside the introduction of next-generation models later this year. The cuts, which Apple is rumored to be considering in the 7-10% range, would be in line with the significant price cuts seen in Apple's latest notebook offerings introduced earlier this month at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

iMacs were just recently refreshed in March but will see another update by fall, at which time they'll also be repositioned as more affordable offerings. Apple is reportedly mulling similar 7% - 10% price reductions alongside the introduction of those models, people familiar with the company's thinking say.

AppleInsider had reported in late April that Apple was considering price cuts for its Mac lineup, targeting the MacBook and iMac as likely candidates for the new pricing. While the MacBook price cuts did come to fruition as part of the broader notebook price drops and reorganization, the iMac has yet to see any such changes.

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