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iPhone 3G S Arrives: First Impressions, Video, Speed

Photo by Buckit

The iPhone 3G S went on sale this morning 7 a.m. local time in the United States. First impressions by MacRumors forum members are being recorded in this thread. Highlights include

- "...really does seem a lot faster than my 1st gen, and a lot smoother."
- "Video recording alone makes it worth it - the quality's great."
- "One thing I have noticed in comparison to my 3G is that the screen colours are much warmer - a lot less blue."
- "The screen is great, tap all over it and you barely see any finger prints."

Overall, reactions have been very positive to the quality of the video coming out of the iPhone 3G S. One user posted this YouTube video directly from the iPhone 3G S. Meanwhile, fdot posted a raw QuickTime movie (.mov file - 8.5MB) showing the raw quality of the video. Some more photos taken with the iPhone 3G S have also been posted.

The iPhone 3G S is, of course, much faster than the iPhone 3G. Some users are posting speed comparisons between the two models. We recorded this side-by-side video showing the web rendering speed of the iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3G when on the same Wi-Fi network.

The iPhone 3G S is, of course, on the left and shows a much faster rendering speed.