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More Questionable iPhone Photos Pre-WWDC originally posted these images which are being mirrored by Engadget that claim to be photos of the next generation iPhone. The photos appear to depict a front-facing camera which has been on everyone's wishlist since the first iPhone came out.

Given the increasing reports that Apple will be pushing "video" as a killer feature of the new iPhone, it seems feasible that Apple could introduce video-chat. But, it's best to remind everyone that no even semi-credible source has actually suggested that the next iPhone will have a front facing camera. It's mostly been a common theme amongst these widely-circulated mockups. Some have even gone on to depict (created by a MacRumors forum member) what making a video phone call might look like.

In our mind, the most credible photo of the next generation iPhone was the matte photos that leaked a number of months ago. Unfortunately, those did not reveal what the front of the iPhone casing would look like.