Early Screenshots from the Mac Version of Google's Chrome Browser

Google's Mike Pinkerton just posted the first screenshots from the Mac build of Google's Chrome web browser.

This week, everything came together and we can now load web pages in the renderer processes and display them in tabs. Here's a screenshot of the very first time I ran Mac Chromium and loaded a webpage:

005850 FirstChromePageEver 425

He warns there's still a "very very long way to go" and he can't predict a possible date, but it does show some substantial progress on the project.

Google announced Chrome for Windows back in September and stated that they believe they "can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web."

One of the features described for the Windows version has been the isolation of processes within each tab. This means that a misbehaving website can only potentially crash the tab that its running and not the whole browser. Also offered is a screenshot for when this might happen on the Mac version of the browser:

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