Intel Launches Low Cost Quad-Core Mobile Processor and New Core 2 Duos

Over the weekend, Intel added five new mobile CPUs to their product line. The most notable addition is a Core 2 Quad Q9000 processor which is a quad-core processor that runs at a speed of 2.0GHz and is available for only $348 in 1000 unit lots. The cost of this quad-core chip is significantly less than its earlier counterparts. Acer has already announced a new Quad-core notebook based on the chip and priced at only $1800. Meanwhile, at least one site has suggested that Apple could do the same with a new 17" MacBook Pro model which is due for an update.

Even if Apple does not adopt this new mobile quad-core processor, Intel has also added four new dual-core options that would be suitable for either Apple's notebook or iMac product line. The new processors include a 2.53GHz, two 2.66GHz and a 2.93GHz model. Apple's current notebook offerings top out at 2.8GHz as a build-to-order option. Apple could also use these processors in the expected iMac updates.

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