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Apple Seeds QuickTime 7.6 to Developers, No H.264 Acceleration Yet

Apple seeded a new version of QuickTime 7.6 to developers yesterday. The latest build is available for Mac OS X and Windows and asks developers to test AAC encoding/playback, Multichannel encoding, Apple Lossless playback/encoding as well as MPEG-1 playback/encoding.

With recent news that the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros appear to have hardware based H.264 decoding, readers are going to be naturally interested to see if the latest QuickTime beta might include such support for older Macs.

The latest seed, however, shows no drop in CPU usage when decoding 1080p QuickTime streams on a previous generation MacBook Pro. It's still not clear if Apple will incorporate support for H.264 hardware decoding on older Macs, many of which contain GPUs capable of some level of H.264 support.