Steve Jobs on Lack of Firewire in MacBooks

In the latest email response from Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO responds to one customer's complaint that the new MacBook won't support HD camcorders:

Actually, all of the new HD camcorders of the past few years use USB 2.

Whether or not you agree with Apple's decision to remove Firewire from its low end laptops, it's clear that Apple is abandoning the feature in their consumer-targeted machines.

Apple helped to develop Firewire in the 1990s and still offers Firewire support in the rest of their Macs at this time, with the notable exception of the new MacBooks.

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parapup Avatar
191 months ago
So he thinks it is OK to expect people to throw away their perfectly fine FireWire camcorders and spend money on a USB 2 one for no advantage of theirs, in this economy?

I call that being out of touch. Not a good sign at all.
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Shasterball Avatar
191 months ago
What angering BS. I mean really, so now I can't use my slightly older camera? Please.

Also, what about HDD's that I am using a Firewire connection for because I've tied up my USB ports?

Face it Apple, you botched a lot things with this upgrade. That's 2 piss poor releases in a row: iPhone 3G and this.
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