Snow Leopard to Get Cocoa Finder and ImageBoot

AppleInsider reports that Apple's next version of Mac OS X Leopard will introduce a "massive rewrite". According to the rumor site, Apple will rewrite Finder, as well as other Apple applications, from Carbon to Cocoa.

Apple has reportedly tapped select members of its developer community to begin testing the updated graphical file system manager as part of a new pre-release copy of Snow Leopard belonging to the build train 10Axxx. In addition, many of the Apple-authored applications accompany the new build are also said to have been wrapped completely in Cocoa.

Other changes expected include broader support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 within Snow Leopard's apps such as iCal, Address Book and Mail.

Meanwhile, a new ImageBoot feature should allow Macs to boot from a disk image and store multiple different configurations on the hard drive.

This latest version of Snow Leopard is expected to be broadly seeded to Apple's developers as early as this weekend. Aside from these new improvements, Snow Leopard is expected to bring more multi-processing and GPU support.