iPhone Game Roundup: BlockBreaker Deluxe 2, Vector Blaster, And More

Screenshot from Raging Thunder

iPhone gaming continues to be one of the most active sections in the App Store. There are over a thousand gaming titles for the iPhone now available. Here are a few recent favorites from TouchArcade.

BlockBreaker Deluxe 2 ($4.99) - as compared to the "official" Atari Super Breakout, this unofficial version brings more action, power-ups and fun.
RagingThunder ($7.99) - formerly a jailbreak-only game, this 3D racer successfully brings arcade racing to the iPhone.
Real Football (Soccer) 2009 ($9.99) - an impressive level of depth and gameplay, recommended for all football (soccer) fans.
Vector Blaster ($2.99) - fans of Atari's old Tempest game will love this iPhone rendition.
Papijump Plus ($0.99) - for some reason we can't get enough of this silly little game. The "plus" version offers different levels with new obstacles. If you haven't tried the free version, you should.