Users Report MobileMe Phishing Scam

Various users are reporting receiving phishing attempts regarding Apple's Mobile Me services.

Dear Apple Online Member,

Thank you for choosing Mobileme. Unfortunately there has been a
problem processing your billing information for the month of Sept, 2008.

Please review our billing requirements at KW: Billing.
To ensure that your service is not interrupted, please visit our secure server web form by clicking the hyperlink below.

[Link Redacted]

We appreciate your business and hope to keep you as a customer for life.

Click Here For Web Form Mobile Me is so easy, no wonder it's number 1 !

The Apple Billing Services Team

As with typical phishing scams, the link in the email goes to a third party server which tries to collect information. Obviously, the email does NOT come from Apple and is not a legitimate request for information.

Legitimate corporations following best practices should never send sensitive links in emails when requiring users to update or correct information, per McAfee (pdf).