NullRiver 'Working with Apple' on Bringing Back Netshare

NullRiver, Inc has posted an update to their site about the fate of Netshare, their iPhone tethering application:

We've finally gotten in contact with Apple. Looks like the lack of communication was due to automated e-mail systems being employed on both ends, which resulted in e-mails being lost in transit. We're working with Apple to get NetShare back up on the AppStore.

It appears they are in contact with Apple and seem to think they will be able to get the app back into the App Store.

NullRiver's NetShare iPhone tethering application appeared, disappeared, reappeared and finally disappeared again from the iTunes App Store. Apple has given no official word on the reason for the application's removal.

NetShare allows iPhone users to share their EDGE or 3G data connection with their laptop computer.