New iPod Nanos to be Multicolored?

9to5mac claims to have heard from reliable sources that this years iPod nano revision will be individually multicolored. While the iPod nano currently comes in a number of solid colors, 9to5mac expects the new ones to contain multiple colors within the same units. It's not clear in what pattern or which colors Apple will use.

The site also reports the new nanos will have twice the storage and "new features".

9to5Mac has had some hits and misses, but hints that this source is the same as the leaked iPod nano photos from last year. Those leaked "fat" iPod nano images proved to be real with Apple legal demanding their removal.

Apple's Flower Power iMac is one reminiscent example of Apple exploring multicolored devices in the past. After being named one of the ugliest products in tech history by PCWorld, we would hope Apple has learned from their mistakes.