Rogers to Introduce Cheaper Data Plans in Canada?

The National Post claims that Rogers Communications will be instituting changes to their mobile phone plans in the next two weeks in preparation for the iPhone launch. Rogers has traditionally charged significantly more for data plans than mobile carriers in the U.S.

"There's a recognition on the part of Rogers that the world has changed," Mr. Mohamed said. "We'll be changing our prices to reflect that."

Today, an unconfirmed data sheet was posted to (via Electronista) claiming to be leaked plans from Rogers. If the specs are to be believed, Rogers is planning on introducing data plans comparable to AT&T data plan pricing.

Specifically, Rogers is rumored to be offering $30 unlimited data plans for consumers, and $45 unlimited data plans for enterprise. Customers, however, will have to sign 3-year agreements. The remainder of details are very similar to leaked AT&T records. We should note that this data has been unverified and could simply represent a hoax, and there are some doubts in the original discussion thread.

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