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Apple to Allow iPhone Subsidies?

FinancialTimes reports that the next Apple iPhone will be sold at "significantly lower prices" than the current one. According to the author, Apple has agreed to allow mobile carriers to subsidize the iPhone:

Apple has bowed to pressure from mobile phone operators and agreed they can subsidise the latest iPhone, expected to be unveiled by Steve Jobs, Apples chief executive, on Monday.

The article does not cite specific sources and reports this information as if it were fact. Historically, the Financial Times has been a reliable source of information of Apple rumors. They were the first to report on Apple's movie rental service that debuted at Macworld 2008.

This report may confirm earlier reports that the 3G iPhone would start around $200 after subsidies. It is believed that the iPhone would still cost $399 at Apple Retail stores, but when activated with a 2 year contract at AT&T, the customer would receive a $200 credit or rebate.