Lack of 'Mac' Branding Raises Questions. OS X for PCs?

TheAppleBlog raises a question that has been on the minds of many this evening regarding the notable lack of "Mac" branding on WWDC banners. Their conclusion? Is Apple planning on distributing OS X to computers other than Macs?

At MacRumors, we try to avoid purely speculative conclusions, but in so much as it's been on the minds of readers, we'll post this as a discussion piece. A few rumored changes could be positioning Apple for a transition to sell OS X for generic PCs:

- Changing .Mac to (platform neutral)
- OS X Leopard (not Mac OS X Leopard)
- 10.6 to be Intel only (dropping PowerPC would be necessary)
- "No new features" in 10.6 could be due to resources devoted to just making 10.6 "PC compatible"

Again, this should not even be considered a rumor. Only speculation, and it assumes that the above rumors are, in fact, true. Others also believe that Apple's lack of action against Psystar is also suggestive of these future plans.