iTunes App Store Pricing Decisions

As we approach WWDC, one big question looming with both developers and customers is how much the apps will cost. Inventive's John Casasanta has said that he wants to "get a feel for the market" and "one of the issues I have is pricing because there is no precedent set."

Apple is reportedly assigning development partners to official iPhone developers to guide them in application plans and is gently suggesting that developers consider placing a price tag on their software "at some point". Developers will be able to create multiple versions of their applications for inclusion, such as a Lite and Pro versions.

So far, we are aware of three developers who have announced very reasonable pricing for their iPhone games: Ambrosia's Aki Mobile Mahjong ($9.99), Fiery Ferret's Lumen ($5), and Demiforce's Trism ($4.99).

Meanwhile, in an interview with Spanish developer LemonQuest believes that the iTunes App Store will tolerate higher prices:

Cavero accepts that developing games for the iPhone and other new mobile platforms will be more costly and time-consuming, but says that higher prices will balance out these costs.