Samsung Introduces New 'Haptic' Touch Phone

Samsung introduced a new touch-screen mobile phone called the SCH-W420 AnyCall (Youtube commercial). The new phone is available only in Korea at the moment, but incorporates a growing trend in mobile phone devices: vibration feedback.

Described as 'Haptic' phones, these specialized phones offer customized vibration to provide the user with specific types of touch-feedback. This sort of feedback is intended to make up for the absence of tactile feedback from an entirely smooth touch surface, such as on the iPhone.

For example, the Samsung handset gives a click sensation when the user raises the volume of the speaker, as if it is a mechanical dial.

22 different kinds of these "haptic feedback" vibrations are said to be included with this latest Samsung phone.

One user project attempted to emulate this functionality on the iPhone, but without specialized hardware, the results have been disappointing.

While there has been no indication that Apple has specifically explored using this technology, Apple has worked on tactile feedback systems that would ease the transition to flat-surface touch keyboards.

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