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3G iPhone Arriving in 2nd Quarter 2008?

Analyst predictions of a 3G iPhone are nothing new, but a new report points to specific sources knowledgeable about this anticipated update. After meeting with Taiwanese electronics companies Citigroups Richard Gardner claims that his sources have confirmed that the 3G iPhone will be released in 2nd Quarter calendar year. If correct, this would pinpoint the release between April-June 2008.

3G is the next generation wireless data that promises much faster speeds over the EDGE technology in existing iPhones. Apple's Steve Jobs has said that existing 3G chipsets drew too much power for them to be used in the original iPhone. Recent advances in wireless chipset technology have reportedly addressed these power consumption issues. Coincidentally, AT&T recently announced that they are expanding their 3G network to nearly 350 U.S. markets by the end of 2008.

Plans for a 3G iPhone have been well publicized, with comments by Steve Jobs and AT&T's CEO suggesting the 3G iPhone is coming in 2008.