Hints at iPhone SDK and Firmware 1.1.4 [Fake]

In October, Steve Jobs announced that they would be releasing a Software Development Kit for the iPhone and iPod Touch in February of 2008. While there had been rumors that some early developers had already received the SDK, little public information has been made available.

Tiny-Code.com, an iPhone Installer.app repository for fixes and updates to some unofficial 3rd party iPhone appplications has updated their website (screenshot at Macenstein) claiming that they are working with Apple and the upcoming SDK:

Tiny Code no longer produces fixes or applications for firmware 1.1.3.
We can't say much, but we are working with Apple and with their SDK for the next firmware release and SDK applications and we shouldn't be missed for long. We will no longer update our Installer.app repo for legality reasons and you should see us soon on iTunes.

The side bar also lists "targetting fw 1.1.4 Alpha 2", though we would hope that a planned February release would have progressed beyond Alpha stage by now.

Update: Comments from the Tiny-Code developer:

Yes, Tiny-Code.com was ordered to be removed from operation by Apple, Inc because by releasing firmware versions and stating I had possession of the firmware and SDK was apparently a violation of the Non-Disclosure Agreement I agreed to when I accepted a copy of the SDK and firmware.

Fake: Developer claims it was all made up.