Apple Developing Interactive Widgets for Apple TV

MacNN reports on a number of new patents from Apple, one of which involves an interesting use of "widgets" alongside streaming video that would allow for more interactivity.
The August 2006 filing introduces the possbility of incorporating Dashboard-like Widgets alongside video content in the Apple TV interface. The Widgets could be triggered by the video itself and could be contextual:

"For example, while the user is viewing a musical performance a ticket widget can be displayed over the content or elsewhere in the user interface, which can be access by the user to purchase concert tickets or receive other information related to the concert or performer," Apple said. "In the example shown (below), the widget could be triggered by a marker in the content which corresponds with a portion of the concert where the performer is not performing, or can be based on a period of inactivity (e.g., the DVD player is placed on "pause"). In some implementations, the widget can be displayed as part of a DVD menu system."

Beyond this commercial usage, the system could also be used to incorporate live video chat during an event or provide live sports stats during a game.

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